Oct 26

DIY Mummy Treat Bags

mummy treat bags

Hello! I’m Alyson, from Sugar and Bash, and I’m so excited to be Lark & Linen’s newest monthly contributor! I was happy to find out that Jacquelyn is equally on board with this holiday thing, so in light of good Halloween spirit, I made some not-so-spooky DIY mummy treat bags. You can fill them with candy, goodies, and for those adult parties, booze! These mummy treat bags are sure to be a hit so learn how to make them below. 

halloween DIYmummy treat bagsmummy treat bagsDIY mummy treat bagsmummy treat bags


White Paper Treat bags
Any white fabric or gauze (I used linen)
Candy Eyes
Glue gun
Halloween candy! (or maybe little liquor bottles for an adult treat bag!)


1 / First cut the fabric into strips, about 3/4” wide. I cut them from some fabric I had lying around, trying to make them as long as possible for easy wrapping.
2 / Holding the bag from the inside, start at the bottom and use the glue gun to dab every now and then as you wrap the fabric up the bag. The messier the better!
3 / When the bag is fully wrapped glue on the eyes.
4 / Use a short piece of fabric to wrap above and below the eyes for that cute mummy look.

That’s it! Now load it up with goodies and set them out for your guests. Happy Halloween!

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