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5 Things Every Well-Designed Room Needs

5 Things Every Well Designed Room NeedsTomorrow marks one year since I launched my own design business(!!) and while I’ve been elbow deep in all things interior design for almost a decade now, I feel like the past year in particular has really given me the opportunity to hone in on my personal tips, tricks and rules when it comes to a well-designed room. In my experience when tackling a client’s space, so long as I ensure that the following 5 things have been checked off the list, the results end up being spectacular. Following are my 5 tips for a well designed room:

Coastal elegance

PROPER SCALE: This is the number one mistake I find when walking through a client’s space. A couch that’s too big, a coffee table that’s too small, or a tiny rug that hovers somewhere in the middle, is a surefire way to make your space feel instantly awkward. My tip: measure and draw your space AND your furniture on a floor plan. A Beautiful Mess put together a great step by step guide for doing so, and a birds eye view of your room is a HUGE help for determining proper scale. 

White bedroom Textured dining

VARIATION IN TEXTURE: This is particularly important when you’re working with neutrals, but it’s definitely applicable across the board. Playing with different textures is an easy way to add interest and dimension, even if your space is entirely beige.

Awesome Art
GREAT ART: You really and truly don’t need to break the bank here (in fact, here are a few of my favourite sources on Etsy, which is a fabulous resource), but finding something that speaks to you, and getting it up on your walls, can absolutely make your space. And while you need to be cognizant of the size of your art as it relates to your space, this is a great opportunity to break the rules a little – think: oversized, unexpected… simply have fun with it. 

Simple elegant bedroomGrand entrance

AREA RUGS: Not only are they a fabulous way to anchor and define your room, but it might be just the thing you’re missing if your room doesn’t feel quite right. After 9+ years of doing client installs, I’m STILL always amazed at the immediate difference it makes when we finally unroll the rug. In my experience, it’s always that final layer that transforms your house into a home. Emily Henderson wrote a great post about choosing the right rug size, which is absolutely imperative for a well-designed space (ahem: see proper scale note above)! 

Great lighting High ceilings in the kitchen

AMAZING LIGHTING: While you don’t necessarily need to break the bank here, if you can afford it, this would be a great place to splurge. You can absolutely find inexpensive solutions, don’t get me wrong, but as a design professional I can always tell when a homeowner has cheaped out on their fixtures. I tend to consider lighting, and it’s appropriate fixtures, as works of art, and I personally believe they should be treated as such. Great lighting tends to set the tone and the mood for the space, and can make everything else look significantly more luxurious. 
If there’s a space of yours that just doesn’t feel quite right, I challenge you to go through the list and ensure all of these items have been addressed. They truly make a world of difference!

[break]Dining Room: Sacramento Street | Coastal Living Room: Domaine Home | White Bedroom: Domaine Home | Textured Dining Room: Hannah Blackmore | Amazing Art: Lonny | Elegant Bedroom: The Everygirl | Grand Foyer: Decopad | White and Gold Bedroom: Decopad | Great Kitchen: Carrier and Company

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  1. Kara says:

    Hello, what do you advise for people that have to temporarily rent? I can not change my new couch and chairs. How can I make the best of scale in a small rental house? I get frustrated with trying to achieve the look I want in a home with limited options of which I can not change.

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