Feb 20

Scenes from my Week

Tea and flowers{a peek at a fun photo shoot with Impressed}

Last weekend, in celebration of Ontario’s new(ish) holiday, Family day*, the entire crew headed up to the cottage only to be greeted by thigh-high piles of snow. The entire county felt sleepy and still. Picturesque, really. Without a soul in sight, we set out on multiple snowy walks, partook in a very intense game of Phase 10, and literally and figuratively ate our way through our days. When we weren’t eating, we were busy preparing for our next feast. And when we weren’t preparing for our next feast, we were snacking on leftovers and brewing pots of tea. What I’m saying is that I believe the secret to legitimately enjoying winter is long weekends, lots of food, lots of family, and piles upon piles of snow. Here’s a peek at the rest of my week, in photos… 

*I am totally okay with invented holidays if it means we get an extra day off to snuggle on our loved ones

Winter scene {mid-walk breaks}

Beer in the snow {proof that Canadians were here}

Butter croissant {the flakiest butter croissant from Dineen}

Snowy road {a snowy scene from the cottage}

All images original to Lark & Linen | See other Scenes from my Week right here!

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