Aug 20

12 Instagram Accounts You Definitely Need to Follow


There’s no denying that my love for all things social media runs deep. It’s allowed me to grow my blog, ultimately helping me land my current role at Style Me Pretty, and has put me in contact with many, many like-minded people. Many of whom I’m proud to call my friends today. And though Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest all hold a special place in my heart for their own reasons, Instagram is at the top of that list. It’s visual, it’s instant, and there are so. many. creative people sharing a peek at their lives at any moment of any given day. Though narrowing down some of my very favourites proved to be daunting (seriously, I’ll likely need to do a round two!) here are some of the best instagram accounts around. Yes ma’am. 12 accounts that you definitely need to follow! 

ps – you can find mine right here! 


Image Source: Style Me Pretty Living | Photography: Jenn Best

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