Jul 22

Scenes from my Weekend

flowers{views from Noemie’s farm}

So this was technically supposed to go up yesterday, but I’d say the fact that I was too utterly exhausted to string together a series of coherent words on Sunday was the sign of a really wonderful few days. This weekend? Oh, it was good. Rejuvenating. Soulful. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

As I mentioned on Friday, our friend Jess flew in from Sweden to spend the next couple of days with us. We kidnapped her mere minutes after her plane landed on Friday, and headed straight to our friends incredible new farm. To be honest, I always forget how desperately I need my girlfriends until I get the chance to soak them in for days at a time. These ladies right here are my lifeline – truly. They’ve been my rock(s) for over 21 years now, and I count myself lucky every. single. day. They fuel my absurdities, put me in my place when I’m out of line, and act as my cheerleaders when I need it the most. I feel fulfilled when I’m around them – and though it doesn’t happen nearly often enough, it’s so so good when it does.

iceland-chocolate{I don’t know what I love more – this packaging or the icelandic chocolate within}

barn{scenes from the barn}

rain-boots{Giroux, the magical cat that will turn any cat hater into a pile of mush}

field{attempting to hike off the embarrassing amount of food we consumed}

green-pes{picking peas for dinner}

{my people}

Images original to Lark & Linen
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