Jun 5

The Ultimate Donut Roundup: 6 Awesome Recipes

Carrot Cake Donuts :: The Recipe ::

Every year, national donut day seems to pass me by without my knowledge. And if you know me at all by now, you’ll know that this is not even slightly acceptable. I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for an excuse to indulge in some fabulous baked goods, and I can’t think of anything better than a holiday surrounded said treat. So this year, I came prepared. Not only did I come prepared, I’ve decided to make up for some serious lost time and round up six of my all time favourite homemade versions. Word of the wise: the peanut butter filled needs to be yours. Like, now. Enjoy!

Strawberry Shortcake Donuts ::The Recipe::


Triple Chocolate Donuts :: The Recipe ::

Peanut Butter Cream Filled :: The Recipe :: 

Classic Frosted :: The Recipe ::

Apple Cider Donuts :: The Recipe ::


In case you missed them: Strawberry Donut Cakes & Blueberry Fritters

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