May 13

House Envy: White on White on White


I happen to live with a boy, and though I wouldn’t trade it for the world (it’s like a built-in-buddy at all times!), every once in a while I like to imagine how I’d decorate a bachelorette pad of my own. Though Justin more or less gives me free reign when it comes to our condo (after all, I do have a degree in the matter), I know I still need to be cognizant of the fact that it’s not all about me (damnit). But if it were? You’d better believe that this is what it’d look like. Complete with Manhattan skyline views and rooftop patios with miniature gardens, you know, since we’re playing pretend and all!

Bookshelf Styling Modern White Living Marble Kitchen Warm White Living Room Vignette Bar Vignette neon sign Wardrobe Rack Rooftop Garden

Source: Domino

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