Mar 24

Scenes from my Weekend

{a new suit for Mexico}

The countdown to my exam is officially on: only one more weekend in which I must study and then it’s go-time! For the first time in my life I feel almost too prepared. There’s a good chance I started studying a little too early – but I keep telling myself there’s no such thing as being over-prepared. I’m ready though – this whole giving up chunks of my weekend is getting rather old.  

In addition to two more intense study sessions, I did manage to squeeze in a bit of fun. Justin and I went out on an adventure on Friday. And by adventure I mean we found a yurt in which to imbibe in some pre-dinner cocktails, and we ended our evening with some impromptu palm readings on our walk home. Though I don’t have any strong feelings any which way when it comes to psychics, my reading was incredibly positive – so fingers crossed that everything comes true! In addition, I finally tackled some serious roots on Saturday AND got to watch my little sister rock the court at her basketball game. All in all, a successful few days. How was yours?!

{my new favourite breakfast (“recipe” to come!)}

{a mini succulent garden}

{lattes & hair appointments}

{cocktails in a yurt, downtown Toronto no less}

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