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The Best Apps Ever


So I’m probably the last person that should be doling out advice on technology. I mean, I only recently hopped on the iPhone bandwagon and am still very, very behind the times in terms of gadgetry of all sorts. However, since the acquisition of said iPhone, I’ve come across a few apps that I am totally obsessed with and I just think you need to know about them! 

::1:: AnyList. It’s free, and it’s a list makers DREAM. You can type up your grocery list, it will automatically organize each item into its specific category (produce, condiments, baking…), and once you’ve picked up said item you simply tap on it to cross it off. It makes me embarrassingly happy. You can also share your list with others (say, a significant other who’s picking up a few essentials en route home!) which is amazing

::2:: 5k Runner. I was hesitant to tell you guys about this one because that would mean I would have to publicly announce that I’ve started running. And that? That’s pressure you guys! But I couldn’t keep it to myself because it’s revolutionary. It promises to take you from couch potato to 5k in 8 weeks. I’m 6 weeks in and so far so good. Before I go much further, you should know that I am, by far, the least athletic person you’ll ever meet in your entire life. I was that girl in school who conveniently “forgot” her gym clothes at home every day (I know. I’m so obnoxious). And after, reluctantly at first, following the 5k Runner program for 6 weeks now I can confidently say that it’s incredible. Just yesterday I ran for 10 minutes straight without stopping. Six weeks ago I thought I was going to die after 1 minute. It’s TOTALLY doable. Totally amazing. And not only am I doing it, but I ‘m ENJOYING it. Madness. 

::3:: Rando. My brother just introduced this one to me and it’s so much fun. You essentially take a photo, upload it and it will automatically be sent to someone at random around the world. You have no idea who it’s sent to, but you can see the city in which it was sent. Every time you send a photo, you will receive one in return. It’s fun!

::4:: Snapseed. I edit 95% of my Instagram photos using this app. You can straighten, rotate, brighten… the works. Obsessed. 

::4b:: Afterlight. A few commenters suggested this app in lieu of Snapseed. I downloaded it a few days ago and I completely agree! It’s significantly better! 

::5:: Ice Cream Jump. Pretty much the only game I play. It’s pretty old so you might be rolling your eyes at this one, but I can’t get enough. When they added the option to change your ice cream flavour and purchase accessories for your ice cream man? I almost lost my mind.

::6:: Rocketman. This one pertains to Toronto folk only, but it’s worth mentioning. Essentially it will tell you exactly when the next streetcar or bus will arrive at any stop throughout the city and it’s always on point. I know that it takes exactly 5 minutes to get from my front door to the streetcar stop down the street. I now plan my departure accordingly. Revolutionary!

Now you go! Are there any amazing apps I should be adding to my roster? 


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