Aug 7

House Envy:

When the ladies over at Desire to Inspire introduced me to designer Jean Liu, I literally saw my productivity fly out the window. I became completely lost in his wonderful world of beautiful spaces and it was a while before I resurfaced. Amongst the beauty? This incredibly sophisticated home. I kind of feel like it’s far too grown up for me, but that doesn’t stop me from oogling all the same.

JeanLiuDesign_6JeanLiuDesign_2JeanLiuDesign_11JeanLiuDesign_12JeanLiuDesign_8JeanLiuDesign_032JeanLiuDesign_4JeanLiuDesign_9JeanLiuDesign_7JeanLiuDesign_nightstandInterior Design: Jean Liu | Found: Desire to Inspire
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