Dec 12

condo life: our halls, decked


| a simple pine wreath transforms our door |

As I mentioned yesterday, I much prefer understated decor when it comes to getting ready for Christmas. In lieu of knick-knacks and tchotchkes strewn about, we’ve opted to go for a natural vibe using white and green as our palette with hints of red thrown in for good measure. Here are just a few things Justin and I have done to ensure our condo is holiday-ready.

| faux-fur sheepskins set a cosy vibe (and are only $12 at Ikea) |

| a wooden bowl filled with seasonal fruit
(because clementines totally smell like Christmas) |

| we didn’t forget to show the washroom some love |

| a handful of simple snowflake ornaments
(picked up at the dollar store of all places) on our tree |

| Guinness coasters (from Ireland) & a cupboard filled with Christmas mugs
show festiveness in unexpected places |

| tree trimming remnants in a “cable-knit” vase adorn our table
and a mulled wine candle helps set the mood |

tip: when picking up your tree, ask them if they have any tree trimmings they’re willing to part with. I ended up leaving with far more than I knew what to do with – all for free! We have vases filled all over the place and the scent is intoxicating.

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