Aug 2

Heatwave Breakfast

This isn’t the first time I’ve admitted to becoming lazy during the warmer months. With the sun shining bright outside, the last thing I want to do is be cooped up in the kitchen trying to come up with some sort of feast. While scones and muffins are the perfect quick & easy breakfast alternative during fall and winter, come summer I am undeniably on the hunt for cold meals that can be thrown together in a pinch. When I was introduced to this breakfast concoction, I knew it would be the perfect recipe to help get me through the early humid mornings. The mild and creamy cheese paired with the homemade granola and sweet blueberries is surprisingly satisfying, and definitely keeps me full well until lunch.

Click to see the recipe:

::what you’ll need::
.Wisconsin Cheese ricotta (or cottage cheese)
.a handful of blueberries
.almond coconut granola
.a drizzle of honey

::what you’ll do::
.scoop yourself a small bowl of ricotta (or cottage cheese)
.add your toppings
.enjoy alongside a big mug of tea (or coffee!), preferably in a sunny spot outdoors


*Note: this post was sponsored by Wisconsin Cheese. Check out my “about” page for sponsorship information*

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