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bits & pieces of Bijou & Boheme

I suspect that Christine from Bijou & Boheme need not an introduction, but if you have yet to peruse the eye candy that is her blog, you’ve pretty much been missing the boat. Being one of my very first “blog friends”, Christine naturally holds a special place in my heart. Her kindness and talent is unsurpassed by most and her blog is constantly bubbling over with inspiration in the prettiest forms. From gold leafed furniture, to tufted ottomans to pink anything (and everything) en masse, it’s well worth a read. With that said, here are some bits and pieces of Christine:
::A random fact::
I just went from being a blonde my whole life to a dark redhead…and I’m a little OCD about numbers..oh and I love ceramic/brass animals in a kind of obsessive way…there you got 3;)

::Your go-to recipe::
4 words…Cider Glazed Pork Chops (recipe here).
This is my newest go-to in the kitchen…DELICIOUSO and makes me feel like a real for realz chef whenever I make it. See how pretty it looks all cooked up? Yum. (No.1)

::You can’t live without::
Aside from my kidlets, I’m embarrassed to say…my computer…sad but true.

::Currently coveting::
I came across this Lee Industries ottoman in the most recent issue of Veranda… obsessed. I have visions of it modified ever so slightly and let me tell you…it would be FABOOSH!!!! If I didn’t have kids and a large dog that piece of heaven would be in my house soooooo fast. (No.2)

::Your daily reads::
1. Blogs…I try to check in with my favourites every day but it’s hard to keep up….there’s just so many I adore!
Check my sidebar to see my daily reads.
2. And of course, the shelter mags… flip through at least one everyday.
3. I should read the newspaper but don’t… need to start doing this.

::On your playlist::
The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, Adele, Foster the People, Paper Plans- MIA… etc.

::Your favourite quote::
I find this one pretty inspirational: “Every day is a new beginning. Stay away from what might have been and look at what could be”. Though most of the time, this rings the most true: “Sometimes all I want to do is make things look nice”.

::On your night stand::
*current issue of Veranda, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Style at Home and House & Home
* blue vase with pale pink tulips
* water glass
* eye glasses
* watch
* jewelry dish

::Your favourite designer::
Kelly Wearstler… adore her irreverent style! (No. 3)

::In your wishing well::
I  REALLY want my own store… like in a major way… I’m thinking of something that focuses on antiques and art… a little collection of pretty that you can purchase… stay tuned

::Your dream home::
In no particular order… my dream home would have to have…
* pink walls
* black walls
* lux bathrooms
* wallpaper…everywhere
* glamorous metallic accents
* leopard
* fur
* marble in the kitchen
* quirky animalia
* a huge art collection
* a fabulous staircase/entryway
* antiques (No.4)

::Your happy place::
My family cottage in Stanley Bridge, PEI… no place like it on earth. (No.5)

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