Feb 2

Broccoli Soup

Up until this past weekend, the weather in Toronto had resembled anything but winter*. Gradually shifting from spring-like temperatures to just slightly below, it’s been unseasonably warm and, admittedly, quite pleasant. Over the weekend, however, the weather took a serious turn for the worst. Cold, strong winds, piles of snow and frigid temperatures made many of us crave hibernation within the confines of our homes. Any spring fevers I had been previously experiencing were immediately squashed and instead I reverted back to my winter-like habits.

Being forced to brave the cold on both Friday and Saturday for events I was unwilling to miss, I was pleased when I found myself with virtually no plans on Sunday. Admittedly, still feeling chilled to the bone from said outdoor excursions in less-than-ideal conditions, I found myself craving something piping hot to warm me from the inside out. In came this recipe for broccoli soup. A simple, limited list of ingredients is always appealing and I thought I’d give it a shot. The results were just what I had been craving and it became the perfect solution to help conquer the chilly weekend.

*it should be noted that the temperature has since returned to its strange spring-like state. What’s up global warming?

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