Oct 31

scenes from my weekend.

{lunch at fusaro’s}{decked out for halloween: a loofah & mr(s). messy}{saturday afternoon: shopping}{french fridge magnets}
{making ourselves comfortable at ikea}

After what can only be considered as a ridiculously busy few days last week, this weekend was absolutely necessary.

On friday evening we donned our Halloween costumes (I dressed as a loofah) and headed out to a friends costume party. We were joined by mythical creatures the likes of unicorns and linosaurs (lion-dinosaur combo, obviously), Archie Andrews, rainbow cake (procured by the unicorn) and bowls filled with candy.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing weekend appropriate things. Things like brunch (of course), shopping with a girlfriend (I ended up getting the blouse with the wee birds, and I found the most dreamy winter jacket that exists. Seriously. It feels like angels) and trips to Ikea.

After a number of naps, and scrubbing down our apartment (I love me a clean apartment) I think I’m finally prepared to tackle the week that lay ahead.

ps.Happy Halloween everyone! Did you know that calories don’t count today? It’s true. So go ahead and indulge in those teeny tiny little chocolates (is it just me, or did they get significantly smaller this year?)

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