Oct 3

scenes from my weekend.

{treats at hammersmith‘s}{tea + saturday mornings}{the view from ontario place}{a late night dinner at terronis}{nuit blanche at the pantages hotel}
There’s no denying that October is officially here. The weather has instantly turned cool and crisp and Sunday was spent almost entirely in a grey drizzle (it was wonderful). I, for one, am not complaining as I enjoy the slow, cool days that come with the season, not to mention the events that surround it (ahem, my birthday for one. Yes, it’s an event! or at least I think it should be…) Every first Saturday of October the city opens up from 7pm to 7am for an all night art event entitled Nuit Blanche. Toronto is transformed into a hoard of different installations where buildings glow eerily, water fountains make music, you’re encouraged to bring a sleeping bag and camp out at Bay Station for a Toronto-wide slumber party and you feel absolutely safe walking the streets at 5am. While the art doesn’t consist of the most mind-blowing pieces you’ve ever seen, the energy of the city is palpable. Despite the fact that we were forced to bring out our coats and mittens (and the night was much, much colder than years past), it’s definitely one of my favourite events and made for a wonderful weekend. As a bonus, staying out until 4am made it perfectly acceptable to sleep in until noon on Sunday and only get dressed to head out in search of food. Hibernation mode is almost in full effect and I’m all for it.

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