Sep 7

scenes from my weekend.

{soaking up what’s left of summer}{the cottage epitomized}{perfect for a midnight snack}{grandmas garden}{a tea break}{birthday cake¬†gone bad}

Mother nature was sweet enough to give us one last warm weekend, which is more than I can say for the last few days (read: cold, rainy, more cold). We headed up to the cottage where we partook in beach days, campfire nights and heading into town to do some mindless browsing (and tea breaking). On Sunday, my little sister and I spent hours perfecting an apple caramel cheesecake for my dads birthday. After he blew out the candles the entire thing slid off the plate and onto the floor. See? Things aren’t always perfect in blog land. We salvaged what we could of the cake, and we all went at it with a spoon. Mashed cake tastes almost as good as pretty cake anyway.

I feel like I’ve accomplished most of what I wanted to accomplish this summer (read: lots of lazy days by a lake). I’m almost ready to retire my ballet flats and bust out my boots and cozy socks. But if mother nature were to grace us with a few more days of warmth, I, for one, would not complain.

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