Jul 28

bits and pieces of Brunch at Saks

For the next little while I’ll be taking some time to showcase bits and pieces of some of my very favourite bloggers; the ones that I visit daily, without question. These girls are talented beyond belief and I love the idea of sharing a bit about them with the rest of you. Without further ado, here is:

I remember the very first time I stumbled upon Annemaries blog, Brunch at Saks, as it wasn’t all that long ago. I was led there by a random link on twitter that I felt inclined to click on for whatever reason. I was immediately transported to a place of grace, of class, of pretty things beyond your imagination. Annemarie blogs about anything and everything lovely, from interiors, to fashion, to recipes and beyond. Her personality shines through with a poise and elegance that is refreshing to find these days. It’s definitely a blog that you don’t want to miss and I’m so excited to have her participating in this series.

And here are some bits and pieces of Annemarie:
A random fact::
I started writing television scripts for my local public access TV station when I was 17.

Your go-to recipe::
If it’s just me and my boyfriend then I’d say tacos.  If we have guests then roasted chicken, veggies, and risotto.

You can’t live without::
My Blackberry (sadly)

Currently coveting::
A Kate Spade New York bike (No. 1)

Your daily reads::
I’m a news junkie, so I constantly read CNN, and other up-to-date news sites. I also love a ton of blogs. I try really hard to get through my Google reader everyday, but it’s nearly impossible! At night I always read my Kindle before bed. I’m currently reading Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes and loving it.

On your playlist::
Adele’s 21 (the whole album is good!)

Your favourite quote::
Success is measured by one’s ability to adapt to plan B in life.

On your night stand::
A picture of my Mom and Nana, a lamp, Restoration Hardware candle in Grapefruit, and a few vintage books I found at Farmer’s Market.

Your favourite designer::
Diane von Furstenberg – I love this dress by her in the photo (No.2)

In your wishing well::
Travel and journal my way through the French, Italian, and English countrysides. (Preferably looking as fabulous as the girl in the photo! Hehe) (No.3)

Your dream home::
An open, airy kitchen with a farmhouse table to entertain family and friends. (No.4)

Your happy place::
The beach with my family.(No.5)

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