Dec 20

scenes from my weekend.

an update: I have my computer once again so I’m able to post this! Despite being submerged in a few inches of water, my computer has prevailed and survived. What a little trooper. Needless to say, I’ll be spending my afternoon backing up everything on it, just in case. There was minimal damage to our office space (apart from a lot of soggy drawings, and carpets that are off being cleaned), but the place smells like a toxic bbq so we’re all sitting here with our winter jackets on and the windows wide open. But the bright side? All our computers still work! Heck yes.

and now my weekend…

Friday night we celebrated my friend’s birthday with pizza and funfetti ice cream cake. It was like we were twelve all over again! We even ended the evening with a movie & a slumber party. Yep. Be jealous.

Alternatively, we began our Saturday with a mimosa breakfast (the best way to start a Saturday, if you ask me). We then made our way to the new skate trail at Colonel Sam Smith Park, which was so wonderful. Speakers blasted Christmas music, there were lights everywhere, and I didn’t even fall once!  After some leisurely skating, (and humming, ahem: loud singing, of Christmas music), we headed home to dethaw our toes.

Once we were properly warmed up and had food in our bellies we headed out for my first ever pub crawl. This one was naturally entitled the 12 bars of Christmas  (because we’re so festive) and it gave me an excuse to wear a fuzzy red boa. Despite my fuzzy redness, I was outshone. People came dressed to the nines, some in cookie & milk costumes, others with flashing ties, green and white striped leggings, and more santa hats than I could possibly count. The whole evening was eventful, ridiculous, hilarious and made me feel like I was in University all over again.

Sunday ensued the way a good Sunday should. Late to rise, some udon soup for breakfast (the only thing I could stomach after 12 bars…), a long afternoon nap and finishing off the Christmas decorations at my moms place. The only thing? I found my babys first Christmas ornament with the date 1985 on it. Apparently this ornament is now considered a antique and it gave me a bit of a reality check (ha! I’m antique!!) All in all, I feel rested and ready to tackle the events that are facing me this week. Much to do… stay tuned!

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