Dec 13

scenes from my weekend.

My weekend began on Thursday night when I was invited over to my friend’s place for a belated birthday dinner. Actually, the dinner was not for my birthday, but somehow I capitalized and scored an invite! Following dinner, we watched Elf and drank champagne. Just writing that makes me want to do it again.

The rest of the weekend followed suit with a healthy mix of leisurely laying around in my pj’s, and missioning through the crowds to tackle my shopping list. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to cross off almost every gift on my list at this point (I even found my wrapping paper, which is usually a daunting task for me)!

On Sunday, Justin and I headed to the Christmas Market at the Distillery District. I wish I had known about this beforehand so that I could have informed all of you. Unfortunately yesterday was the last day, but if you do anything festive whatsoever next year, this should be it. It was honestly incredible. They had reindeer! Real. Live reindeer! With antlers and everything! A 40 foot Christmas tree, carollers, fire pits, a 5 foot gingerbread house, lights absolutely everywhere… The cobblestone streets were lined with little wooden booths selling cute gifts and delicious smelling treats. After braving the cold for hours, meandering through the crowd, we headed to Balzacs to warm up with hot chocolate (in bowls!) and take in the moment.

We topped off the evening by putting up our tree (and decking our halls). So the gifts have been bought, the apartment smells like pine, and I feel like one of Santa’s little helper elves. All in all, another great weekend.

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