Nov 22

scenes from my weekend.

Friday evening happened the exact way in which it needed to happen. After an incredibly busy week last week, it was nice to have no plans. I headed over to Justin’s and went straight to bed (party animal, table for one). We napped and let our bodies recuperate from a week strung together with busy work days and eventful evenings. At around midnight, we woke up, grabbed Stella and headed out for a walk to treat ourselves to some tea and coffee. I’m slightly convinced that this strenuous activity only took place so that we could prove to ourselves that we didn’t completely waste the night (if you could even call napping a waste of a night.)

After a delicious breakfast on Saturday morning, we ventured out to the flea market to see what we could get our hands on. I fell in love with one booth containing amazing vintage dishes and teapots. Justin had to pull me away and remind me of my lack of funds and impending list of Christmas gifts I have to purchase. Bah. Responsibilities.

In the evening, we headed over to his aunts place where we had secretly planned a surprise party for Justin’s parents 25th wedding anniversary. They were surprised. The party was amazing. And maybe, just maybe it ended with a round of flip cup and beer pong (teenagers, adults and grandparents alike). We’re classy like that.

The weekend ended off with the annual Santa Clause parade. Equipped with peppermint hot chocolate and two pairs of pants, we ventured out amongst the craziness. My boyfriend is so incredible as he appeases me when I drag him to these silly events in which we’re surrounded by children, and generally, we’re the only ones without. But the parade was amazing, as per usual, and as far as I’m concerned, this marks the official kick off to Christmas! Naturally I went home and changed my ringtone to Bing Crosby’s It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. And now I’m pumped.

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