Nov 12

one hundred things: week VI

Sofia from Sofia’s Journal has a challenge: to come up with One Hundred simple things that make you happy. It seems easy enough, no? I’ve decided to take this challenge and run with it! Every friday for the next few weeks I will present to you a new compilation of ten things that make me happy.To see the rest of the series click here: one hundred things

Week VI:

#51. Road trips!

#52. When coffee shops come out with their Christmas cups. You know Chirstmas is only 2 months away at that point, and then you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

#53. Grilled cheese! Cheese. Bread. Win. Win.

#54. Afternoon naps.

#55. Clementine season! They’re delicious, nutritious, you can get them by the box-full and, yes, they smell like Christmas.

#56. Homemade Halloween costumes.

#57. A party, an event, or a monday morning that involves a cheese plate (I like cheese).

#58. Cashmere: sweaters, pants, blankets, or just a big ball of it. Bring it on, you soft and fuzzy thing.

#59. When you arrive at your subway platform and your subway just so happens to be pulling up. It’s like fate.

#60. When a stranger goes out of their way to hold the door open for you. Thank you, kind sir. This makes me happy.

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