Nov 8

scenes from my weekend.

First of all: guys! I won the design refuge October challenge! This is so beyond exciting for me. Writing a new blog I often wonder if people are actually interested in what I have to say, or if all of this is just interesting to me (and my mom, because moms have to love everything you do. It’s the law). I struggle with these thoughts often, and all of your support, your sweet comments and e-mails and finding multiple computers to vote for me means so so so much. They all make me want to keep going, keep writing and keep finding pretty images and inspiring spaces. I haven’t won anything since highschool when I was given the “most improved” title in computer class, which really just means “you tried really hard and we feel bad for you” as far as I’m concerned. But I took that award and ran with it! I won something! Woo-hoo! Well, this is so much better. So once again, for the millionth time, thank you. I love you all.

And now, my weekend:
Friday night was ‘girls night‘ (must be squealed in a loud, high pitched manner). We shopped. We bought sweaters with big puffy flowers (okay I bought a sweater with a big puffy flower. it’s cute, trust me). We made soup (using this recipe. yum) and we watched movies that our boyfriends would never watch with us. Stupid, girly movies that are so cheesy it hurts. It was wonderful.

After waking up to a homemade brunch (thank you roommates boyfriend), Justin & I headed out to the Royal Winter Fair, an agricultural event held in Toronto every year. I hadn’t been for years and it wasn’t exactly how I remembered it. I did, however, learn a few things: although llamas are amazing, alpacas are even better (and we could all use a few of their hair-style tips and tricks), an emu will peck you when you stop paying attention, and I’m secretly glad that I’m not the type to enter a large vegetable contest (although a 893 pound pumpkin is pretty cool).

After petting many a cows, watching many a baby pig, and eating our fair share of free samples, we headed back home and went out for a romantical double date dinner with the roommate and her man-friend, and far too much wine was involved (ha. Yeah, I just said that).

Sunday morning Justin and I headed north to hang out with my family. My grandpa, an ex navy-man, walks in a veterans day parade every year around remembrance day. We all went up for the parade, the celebration, and the chinese take-out that followed.

Weekends, I love you.

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