Oct 4

scenes from my weekend.

I’ve battled this cold/flu/mean little thing for the past little while. As a result, on friday evening I allowed myself some sympathy with a large bag of movie popcorn and a movie. I’m thinking it worked because I woke up Saturday feeling a world of better, ready to go. We packed up and headed to an apple orchard to appease our inner nerds and pick our own apples (pie to follow). I thought most twenty-four year olds did these sort of activities until we arrived and noticed we were the only four people there without any children. But whatever, we totally had more fun than them anyway. And our apples are so much better. So there.

In the evening we headed out to enjoy Nuit Blanche, an event held in Toronto every year. Basically the city doesn’t sleep from seven pm until seven am one night a year. Sprinkled throughout the city during the event you’re able to find a number of art exhibits, installations and other such activities. Things such as interactive lighting displays, a table filled with people eating birthday cake (& singing happy birthday every fifteen minutes for the entire twelve-hour span) and people dancing to the popcorn song in the middle of the street. We venture out every year and never seem to find ourselves too impressed with the art itself, but the energy of the city at four am gets me every time. You’d think you were walking about at three in the afternoon with the amount of people who are out, enjoying and experiencing into the wee hours of the morning. Between a dance party at city hall at three am, mowing down on roasted corn at inappropriate hours, and being able to visit haunted Bay Station, I’d say the evening was a success.

Naturally, Sunday was a complete write off. Once again, we did not remove our pyjamas until closer to four, and only because our stomachs were grumbling and we had to find ourselves some food. I believe Sunday should be declared pyjama day.

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