Mar 17

Cute Ways to Celebrate Easter in Style

Easter Decor | lark & linen

Photo: Monika Hibbs


Though I’ve always been a holiday fanatic (I will forever embrace any excuse to celebrate, especially these days), since having my daughter my holiday exuberance has practically gone catatonic. There’s just something about witnessing these things through her eyes that simply can’t be beat. I find myself preparing for the next holiday, daydreaming outfits, games, decor, and cute little gifts long before it’s deemed appropriate. And, of course, Easter is of no exception. We’ve already decorated easter eggs, painted ceramic bunnies, and made carrot cake muffins to celebrate, and I’m still bookmarking ideas. From festive pjs to cute Easter decor, to adorable things to stuff into Easter baskets, here are a few more things I’m eyeing to really help bring in the spirit. 

Easter Decor | lark & linen

1. Felt egg ornaments | 2. Lilly vase | 3. Cheese knives

4. Gardening tray | 5. Flora candle holders | 6. Egg basket

7. Floral glasses | 8. Printemps plate | 9. Egg luminary

10. Peter Rabbit pajamas | 11. Hen & chicks surprise balls | 12. Mini Sofia bunny

13. Watering can | 14. Queen Anne’s Lace | 15. Easter platter

16. Blossom flowerpot set | 17. Bashful bunny | 18. Egg hunt kit

19. Bunny basket | 20. Peter Rabbit plates | 21. Foraged nest

22. Cookie cutters | 23. Garden play set




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