Nov 7

Quick Interior Design Tip: A Styling Trick

Quick Design Tip: A Styling Trick | lark & linen

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When styling anything from your coffee table, to your bookcase, to your sideboard and beyond… arrange items in groups of three. The uneven number feel pleasing to the eye, and playing with varying shapes, textures, materials, and heights adds instant interest. It’s a designer rule of thumb that essentially cannot go wrong! I encourage you to play around with items you already own and see what you can come up with :) 

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  1. Martimbault Celine says:

    Hello Jacquelyn,
    Thanks for sharing all of your experience in design, so appreciated.
    I would like to know when we have an opened space :(living room ,kitchen,dining room, and also a music room)how do we select rugs :do they have to be the same color or we select them according to the pillows in the living room ?.It’s a quick design advice that i would like to know.
    Love CĂ©line xoxo from Montreal

  2. Nicole says:

    Great tip – thank you for sharing! I’m currently struggling with dimensions of night tables for king size beds and how to dress a two-story window in a living room with a cathedral ceiling. Do I leave it bare or hang curtains halfway up? The whole way?
    Kind regards,
    Nicole from Montreal

  3. owesque says:

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  4. Ranjith says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips i am really excited to see your blog and it is very interesting know about interior designing.Thank you keep sharing related posts.
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