Nov 16

My Christmas Wish List



I did a poll on Instagram the other day (if you’re not following me, please do so here, I’d love to have you :) to inquire about what sort of gift guides you guys would like to see this season, and the number one request was for my own Christmas wish list. I haven’t done this in so long, and it brought back so many fond childhood memories with me, my brother, and the Sears Christmas catalogue. At any rate, while I don’t legitimately NEED a thing this year, this was so much fun to pull together! Here are a few things that are at the very top of my Christmas wish list. I’ve shared a bunch of individual notes about each below, as well. I’d love to hear what’s at the top of your list. Let me know!

My Christmas Wish List | lark & linen



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Photo: Studio McGee

1 – Cashmere Sweater – I’ve been eyeing this sweater forEVER but it’s always sold out (it’s not, now!)
2 – Vintage Pajamas – my pyjama game is already strong, but this guy wouldn’t hurt
3 – Hot Lips Lipstick – a girlfriend of mine has this shade, and it’s just stunning
4 – Faux Fur Throw – the secret to surviving winter
5 – Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Créme – this may be my favourite scent in the entire world
6 – Stud Earrings – they feel a little fancy, but you could get away with wearing them daily
7 – Boss Mules – I cannot stop staring at this versatile slide
8 – Green Cashmere Beanie – see note No. 4, above
9 – Kobo E-Reader – mine has been worn to death, and it’s time for an upgrade
10 – Eyeshadow Palette – the colourways in this particular palette are stunning
11 – Cheese Knives – because ours were accidentally put in the dishwasher & never looked the same
12 – Leopard Print Loafers – classic and timeless. I wore my last pair into the ground
13 – Gray Cashmere Gloves – because soft, cozy & warm is my jam
14 – Blush Alpaca Scarf – much like note No. 1. I’ve been eyeing this scarf for YEARS
15 – Woven Round Tray – in preparation for the warmer months (far) ahead
16 – Chocolate Bars – because chocolate is my love language, and these flavours sound UNREAL
17 – Cedar Candle – because it smells unbelievable

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  1. KarenJ says:

    You had to mention the Sears Wish Book 😭 RIP Sears. Love your blog!

  2. KarenJ says:

    Gosh you had to go and mention the Sears Wish Book! RIP Sears…. And childhood 😭

  3. Patti says:

    Great list! I’m gonna make one of my own bit it involves real estate! I can’t tell what shade that lipstick is. It it the Kim KW?

  4. Natalie says:

    Hope you got all that you wished for!

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