Nov 5

Currently Coveting: All the Sweaters

Currently Coveting | lark & linen


The weather has most definitely started to nose dive around here, and while I’m not totally on board with the whole winter thing quite yet, I do know that the secret to surviving the cold is to dress appropriately. So I’ve been over here collecting sweaters like it’s my job (I actually own both of the options shown below, and love them with my whole being). Following are a few great things I’m loving lately, for both your home and closet. 

Currently Coveting | lark & linen

1. Jeans | 2. Hoover Lamp | 3. Cream Sweater

4. Chrysanthemum Pot | 5. Dresser | 6. Eyelash Curler

7. Mini Crossbody Bag | 8. Youth Serum | 9. Throw Pillow

10. Colorblock Vase | 11. Abstract Art | 12. Blush Sweater

13. Candle Snuffer


Photography: Diary of Days

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  1. I adore the featured sweaters! Once I find a sweater I love (good fit and quality texture), I make sure to buy it in every color option.

    Happy Monday

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