Mar 9

Scenes from my Week

bow flatsWhile the weather has still been grey and drizzly for most of the week, the cherry blossom branches I picked up at my florist are starting to bloom and I’m convinced that it’s a good omen. I finally feel like I’ve had a super productive week, which is the first time I’ve felt this way since December, and I have to admit it’s been all sorts of wonderful. Throw in a beautiful dinner at Batifole with my cousin, an impromptu brunch date at Gare de L’est with my mister, and finally feeling like I’m on the right track with all things work, I’m slowly but surely getting back to my old self. Needless to say,I couldn’t be more thrilled. As always, here’s a peek at a few behind the scenes moments from my week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

{Above: cute new flats for spring*}

*they’re now on super sale!cherry blossom branch

{cherry blossom branches in bloom}

gade mange toronto

{checking out new to us brunch spots}


{Sage’s happy place}


{cheese plate prep for an evening with my girlfriends}

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  1. Aw! Those cherry blossom branches are awesome! (As are the sweet shoes…are they comfy? I’ve never had luck with JCrew shoes.)

  2. Nicole says:

    Can you share details of your headboard? Its lovely.

  3. Debbie says:

    Looks like a lovely week. Happy to hear that you’re powering up! And THAT TILE! Getting ready to do a tiny bathroom re-do, and the scale looks a bit big, but oh my, something like it would be amazing.

    • It actually comes in a 6×6 tile too! It’s from Stone Impressions – there’s a direct link to the exact one we used in our bathroom reveal post (just search it in the search bar :)

  4. Annie says:

    The tile in the first picture is gorgeous. Would you share with us who makes it and the pattern name? Thank you.

  5. Sara says:

    Love the beautiful pillows on your bed! Can you provide the source?

  6. Kathleen says:

    Living in the “south”’ I have never seen the cherry blossoms offered to later bloom at home. How delightful it must be to see them emerge with their delicate pink! So glad you are feeling like yourself again after your previous posts. Such a great feeling. Your photography really capture a moment and a certain feeling. I love that. Your dog seems to like snuggling up for a nap in the most plush surroundings. Very sweet.

  7. Love the barstools looks really woody. And I love the flats gonna try it. Hope you had a good time with your girlfriends :)

    Varsha |

  8. Amie says:

    I know you’ve mentioned on your instagram that you are thinking of phasing these posts out. Please don’t! I love the little snapshots of everyday life.

    • Thanks Amie – I received quite a few sentiments like this after that post on Instagram and it means a lot. It’s hard to tell what people are really into these days, but I’ll keep this up for as long as it feels right to on my end :)

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  10. Andrea says:

    Love the tile, where is it from? Source please!

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