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5 Interior Design Trends That We Can All Look Forward to This Fall

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Now that we own our own home, I find myself exorbitantly excited about the idea of switching out summer-like pieces for those of a cosier variety. From smokey scented candles to thick wool knits, I’m slowly but surely transforming each room with just a few minor changes* and there’s just something about the whole thing that literally sets my heart aflutter. And while I always have my eyes peeled for the latest and greatest for our homes, there are a few interior design trends on the horizon that I’m particularly excited about. In light of full discretion, the following list can no doubt be incorporated into your homes’ year round, but they ring especially true at this very moment in time. Here are five 2017 fall interior design trends I’m really looking forward to in the coming months. 

*I will be touching on this further in a post coming up, so stay tuned! 


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2 - dusty rose

[break]DUSTY ROSE[break]

I’ve always been an eighty-year-old at heart, so the grandma in me is particularly excited about the dusty rose trends that are slowly taking over the market. From textiles to window coverings, to artwork and beyond, it exudes a cosy factor that currently feels anything my stuffy. There’s truly no shortage of ways to incorporate this pretty hue into your decor this season. 



3 - wood kitchen

[break]WOOD KITCHENS & BATHS[break]

Don’t get me wrong – I’m still an all-white kitchen or bath advocate through and through, but lately, I’ve started to notice a shift in the cabinet colour landscape. Wood millwork has been making a comeback for some time now, and I’m all for it. The warmer tones add a layer of depth and a richness that just can’t be achieved with white cabinets. To do it properly, however, I encourage you to reach for ashier hues – white oak is my personal preference – and keep the rest simple. Let those beauties be the star of the show. Not ready for a kitchen overhaul (I feel ya), consider bringing in wooden elements through accessories like cutting boards, fruit bowls, and wooden spoons. 



4 - velvet interior design

Much like the fashion landscape (thank you, 90’s!), velvet has made a huge comeback when it comes to 2017 fall interior design trends. Whether it’s a sumptuous sofa or a simple toss cushion, it feels rich, plush, and regal in the very best of ways. 



5 - brick floors
[break]BRICK FLOORS[break]

The brick floor “trend” is once I’ve been noticing for a while now, and have been placed firmly in camp HECK yes since the start. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a timeless addition to any home, but there’s no doubt it’s in the spotlight as of late. A brick floor adds interest and texture in even the simplest spaces and, with its inherent patina, it instantly makes a room feel aged, timeless, and soulful. I give instant bonus points to anyone who lays it in a herringbone pattern, like the above image.


6 - chunky knits

[break]CHUNKY KNITS[break]

This may be one of those “duh” moments, but if you’ve yet to see a chunky knit blanket it is the fall must have in interior design this season. Not only does it go hand in hand with the fall season (think: rich, comfy, cozy), but this year chunky textures are more prevalent then ever. It’s cozy and luxe done oh so right.




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  1. @Sara says:

    Wow, what a beautiful home! I love the combination color..You have such great taste.Thanks for posting.

  2. Rebecca Neustel says:

    I’m on board with ALL of that!! The brick floor is a favorite, though. I’ve always wanted a house with some brick in it – hasn’t happened yet, even with living in seven houses. I’d really love to have an old home with a brick chase in the kitchen.

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