Jul 31

Scenes from my Week

Kangaroo selfie {I mean!}

This week will forever be remembered as the one in which I snuggled a baby lynx (and took a selfie with a kangaroo). And let’s be honest for a second – it doesn’t get much better than that. My sweet animal-obsessed cousin had one wish for her birthday: to turn her backyard into a veritable zoo. So that’s just what happened. And I can tell you with certainty that birthday’s from here on out have a whole lot to live up to. Trying to narrow down my 400+ animal photos proved to be difficult, but in an effort to reel it in, here’s a super quick peek (plus a few from the rest of the week to boot!)

ps – I’m headed to my cottage next week and will be taking a mini blog break as well. I’m trying my hand at this whole unplugging thing. Let’s see how it goes! I will likely still pop in on Instagram, if you feel like following along: @larkandlinen.  

baby-lynx {can you even handle his tiny pink tongue?}

baby-lynx-2 {heart. explosion.}

oversized-clutch {date night essentials: new perfume, an oversized clutch*, a statement necklace & a lacy top}

kites {beach moments}

homemade-ice-tea {homemade iced tea in berry-hued glasses}

*Not only is the clutch adorable, but every clutch purchased helps feed 10 children in North America


All images original to Lark & Linen


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