Jun 12

Scenes from my Week

Cocktails{cocktails at the Beverley Hotel}

Confession: I essentially ate (and drank) my way through the city this week. Operation: a week full of salad is now in full swing. But before I waddle my way into the weekend, I have a few things to note: the Beverley Hotel has an adorable rooftop patio, Bar Chef still reigns queen as one of the best cocktail purveyors in the city, Blow Fish’s sushi really does live up to the hype, Peter Pan has totally reinvented itself (but still… not mind blowing), and Cluny’s brunch was underwhelming (despite reliable sources telling us otherwise. We MAY give it one more chance.) Before I go, my week in photos: 

beverley-hotel{a pretty little moment}

bonnies-jam{all stocked up on the good stuff}

ice-cream-cones{signs of summer}

peter-pan{dinner at Peter Pan}


All images original to Lark & Linen | See other Scenes from my Week right here!

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