Oct 24

Scenes from my Week

colorful serving dishes {goodies I picked up on super sale at the William Ashley event}

Have you ever had one of those weeks that went by in the blink of an eye, yet painfully slow all at once? Time, man. It’s a mystery. I managed to jam pack a WHOLE lot into the past few days and kind of feel like my head is spinning as a result. Not only did I have a handful of wonderful client meetings, but I also managed to sneak in even MORE birthday celebrations (I am so good at this birth month thing), dinner at Gusto 101 AND an afternoon watching Crazy for You (um. SO good). To top it all off? I was invited to shop the preview of the William Ashley warehouse sale before it was open to the public! It’s something my mom and I have gone to every year for a while now, so being able to peruse the aisles sans crowds was extra exciting.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I completed some serious Christmas shopping. And may or may not have picked up a few awesome goodies for myself while I was at it… which is usually against my rules – oops. The sale is officially open to the public today, and I highly recommend the trip. Have an awesome weekend friends!! xx

Cinderella pumpkins {Cinderella pumpkins at the pumpkin patch}

gifted moet {a “congrats on your new business” celebration with my mom & sis}

fall magazines {autumnal recipe research}

chocolate river rocks {chocolate river rocks at St. Jacobs Market}

All images original to Lark & Linen

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