Jan 27

Scenes from my Weekend

{brunch at the Scullery}

Does it make me a total nerd if I tell you that one of the highlights of my weekend was discovering that the Super Nintendo console I found in my mother’s basement still works? It’s true! And the inner child within me cannot control herself. To the point that we may have skipped our Saturday night commitments to embark on a massive Super Mario World tournament.  

I’m feeling slightly guilty as it’s been SO long since my last SFMW post and I should be back with a vengeance, but instead I’m here to announce a 20 year old game is still working order and I spent a lot of time in pjs. Also? We got a new mattress cover. I know, this post just keeps on getting better and better. But in truth, after a number of crazy catch-up days since returning home from Africa, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

{an organized closet makes me embarrassingly happy}

{polka dot pjs}

{tiny notes from my sweet friend Victoria}

{the snow. won’t. stop.}

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