Aug 8

bits & pieces of Heart of Light

Rachel’s blog, Heart of Light, is one of my go-to blogs for good reason. It focuses on the little details in life, depicts awesome recipes (hello basil mojito), and always manages to remain real and down to earth (which is especially refreshing when it comes to the stylized lives often found within the blog-world). Plus, as a biologist, the girl clearly has brains to top it all off. A force to be reckoned with, if you ask me! I just know you’ll adore her as much as I do:

::A random fact::
I’m obsessed with big eyelashes. The thicker, the darker, the fuller, the better. I would wear fake ones everyday with no shame if only it weren’t so time consuming.

::Your go-to recipe::
I make some variety of red lentil dal once a week, probably. It’s so simple and quick to cook and I can change it up by adding coconut milk or roasted sweet potatoes. I will make this basic version or this coconut one and then just add whatever I have on hand that sounds good.

::You can’t live without::
Blistex DCT – it’s a terrible addiction that every woman in my family shares. I keep it in every bag I own and I have backups everywhere (at home, at work, in the car!). I’m always trying to switch to something more natural (or at least better tasting!) but nothing else seems to work for me.

::Currently coveting::
This ridiculously expensive olive oil and black jasmine soap. It’s so good but it seems so indulgent. I’ll probably give in eventually.

::Your daily reads::
My Google reader is packed – I read a lot of blogs. Other than that, I devour novels and try desperately to keep current on the New Yorker. I usually fail.

::On your playlist::
For working out – lots of top 40. For the house/car – it’s a huge variety. I love music and I’m equally appreciative of Gillian Welch (her latest album has been in constant rotation around here) and Everclear.

::Your favourite quote::
I honestly don’t have one – is that weird? I’m not a big inspirational quote person, although I do tend to highlight entire paragraphs when I’m reading. The name of my blog comes from one of my favorite pieces of writing, but it’s an entire stanza (starting at line 35) and I just love it because of the emotion it evokes.

::On your night stand::
A  glass of water and my Kindle.

::Your favourite designer::
Do clothing lines count? If I could live in nothing but Vince and Rag & Bone, I would.

::In your wishing well::
Travel more. I wish that I could set aside big hunks of time for travelling. I like it best when I have enough time that I start to imagine I might actually live in the place I’m visiting. Ideally, I’d never go anywhere for less than a month, but that doesn’t seem to happen!

::Your dream home::
Hardwood floors, lots of windows and good light, built in cabinets, kitchen with counter space, 1200 square feet or less with a decent yard for parties (clearly, I’ve been looking at listings lately)

::Your happy place::
I have a lot of them! Right now, I just want to sit out on my balcony, drink in hand, enjoying the warm summer evenings.

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