Mar 25

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

images via lark + linen

During all of the pandemonium that came with moving (while simultaneously doubling my work load at the office), I couldn’t find the time for much else other than packing, planning and working. With my cousins birthday on the horizon during the busiest of all business (isn’t that always the case?) I knew that I had to stop to honour it in the way that it most deserved. I scoured the internet for a recipe that was both decadent all the while remaining simple to throw together on a friday evening in between packing boxes and reviewing shop drawings. I stumbled upon this recipe for a dark chocolate cheesecake that fulfilled all of my prerequisites. The result was rich, smooth and utterly perfect. And bonus: the cake was so decadent that you were forced to indulge in only a small sliver at a time. In my eyes, the portion control means that it’s low fat – right? At least that’s what I told myself when I polished off what was left after her celebrations (ps. it was anything but low fat. Don’t tell my waistline).

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