Sep 7

scenes from my weekend.

My weekend consisted of a lot of little indulgences. Between drinks with friends at Czehoski’s, a catch-up session & thai take-out on the floor of a friends brand new apartment, commencing the day with walnuts & caramelized bananas atop french toast at bar_one, antique shopping, purchasing the finishing touches for Danielle’s bedroom (which I’m so excited to share with you!) and tea & croissants at Nadège with a girlfriend, I feel as though this weekend was thoroughly taken advantage of. As I sit here and reminisce on the amount of things that I managed to squeeze in there, I realize that on top of it all, it’s 10:30 pm on a Monday, I’m here with a hot cocoa in hand, and I still have not gotten out of my pyjamas. If that doesn’t top off an incredible weekend, well I just don’t know what does. I hope your weekend was just as wonderful!

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