Lark & Linen offers full-scale, high-end, licensed residential interior design services in Toronto & surrounding areas.  The Lark & Linen aesthetic leans classically timeless with just the slightest edge (think: modern Paris meets Nancy Meyers - hello!), but I always look to you and your end goals to drive the design process.

Above all else, the priority is to provide you with a picture perfect space, custom tailored to suit your life and style, all while supporting the transformation in a way that alleviates as much of your stress as possible.

transforming casual luxuries into timeless interiors 

I'm an interior designer in Toronto, but available for projects throughout the GTA & cottage country. With fifteen years of experience in the interior design industry plus many years arranging (and re-arranging) my bedroom as a child, I’ve always lived and breathed design. Renovating homes simply sets my heart on fire. It's been my soul purpose and greatest honour to have helped my clients-turned-friends transform theirs. 

If you're passionate about interior design, wellness, and aim to live a life that celebrates all of the ups, downs, and spaces in between, you're going to like it here. I believe that taking care of ourselves and our homes is an incredible gift. The ripple effect that occurs from this act can be profound. Let me show you. 


meet Jacquelyn

I have an everlasting love affair with homes. I believe they're a foundational tool that helps support our well-being.