Jun 7

Scenes from my Week

cheese boardI know I mentioned in my post yesterday (here) that my aunts forced me to have a bridal shower against my will, but what I wasn’t able to touch upon was how utterly grateful I am that they did. The thought of being the “centre of attention” had always made me a little queasy, but they designed the perfect afternoon just for me, and I’ve truly never felt more special. In addition, it made me even more excited for our actual wedding day. Because, as it turns out, a room filled to the brim with your very favourite people is kind of the best. And I can’t wait to do it all again tenfold in a few short weeks. Following is a peek at my week, in photos. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

{above: an evening well spent}

white dress  

{en route to my wedding shower}

Wearing: Top | Skirt | Shoes | Necklace

rose sugar cubes {my aunts handmade these sugar cubes because they
knew details were important to me. The actual sweetest. }lilac {the last of the lilacs}

marble board | similar tea towel


{packing these beauties up for a client}

crystal ball art | oil painting | figure | note: frames are custom – sorry :)

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  1. Aunt Donna says:

    You look beautiful, Jacquelyn. Can’t wait to see you in your wedding gown! Wish I could have been at the shower. Sounds lovely.

    Aunt Donna

  2. Diana Lopes says:

    These ‘scenes from my week’ are such great posts! I love seeing your photos!

  3. Jo Alice Oneal says:

    I love the rose sugar cubes. I use to help my mom make these for weddings when she was a caterer years ago and they were cream cheese and sugar rose mints. We always had them on the wedding cake table and everyone always looked for them. I will have to share this picture of your rose sugar cubes with her. She will love it!
    Congratulations on your wedding and wedding showers are full of wonderful memories! Enjoy!

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