May 26

Scenes from my Week

county collective
While we’re still technically a few weeks away from the official start of summer, the Victoria day long weekend up here in Canada always marks the unofficial kick off as far as I’m concerned. Each year, my family and I head up to our cottage in Prince Edward County to set up shop for the season. And while it typically involves a lot of heavy lifting, the labour is met with an equal amount of fabulous food (my step-mom, uncle, and grandma are all insane cooks) and a good amount of drink (my dad’s in the wine industry and we all benefit). This year we were all asked to bring up a bottle of rosé so we could conduct our own wine tasting – a task in which I was happy to participate. Needless to say, a wonderful weekend was had, and I’m only hoping that this sentiment will trickle through the coming months. As always, here’s a peek at my week (in photos). 

{Above: the cutest pop up shop near our cottage}


{the first thing I see each morning}

iced coffee

{the first iced coffee of the season}

rose tasting

{ros̩ tasting Рthe Izadi was my favourite}

cottage country

{county cuteness}

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  1. nikki says:

    I wish I lived closer and could visit that pop up shop!

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