Sep 30

Scenes from my Week


It’s been crisp, grey, and terribly rainy around here virtually all week long. While that would typically dampen my spirits, at least a little bit, it’s made for the perfect excuse to sip bottomless mugs of tea alongside my newest favourite candle (a sweet gift from a client, and the smell is intoxicating). It doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon, so I’m looking forward to hunkering down for another few days. As always, here’s a peek at my week, in photos. 

{above: cozying up at Sorry Coffee}
 fall-flowers{fall inspired blooms for a sweet friend’s birthday}

leaf-bloom{slowly discovering cute neighbourhood jaunts (popsicles & flowers? Sold)}

bathroom-products{collecting accessories for our washroom reveal – these guys are all from Anthropolgie}
victorian-home{a peek at our “new” runner, from 1920}


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