Sep 22

House Envy: A Modern Victorian

Indoor-outdoor kitchen
When I first spotted this insane indoor-outdoor kitchen on my friend Liz’s blog, I legitimately let out an audible gasp. I mean, can you even handle how incredible it is? This modern victorian manages to stay true to its roots, all the while not taking itself too seriously. A wall lined with vintage phones, unexpected art, and a play on shades of pastel are in full force, and it’s the beautiful combination of old and new that has immediately placed this home tour at the very tippy-toppy of my list. 

Powder blue kitchenblue and white victorian kitchenYellow couchshades of pastel in the living roomWall of vintage phones leading up the stairseclectic dining roomSimple bathroomTiny office space



[break]Source: Grey & Scout via House and Leisure

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  1. Flora rissler says:

    Lovely interior !
    I fell in love with the picture of the woman and the birds in your dining room! Where is it from ?

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