May 22

Scenes from my Week

pony-farm{a miniature pony farm on the way to the cottage}

Lately it’s felt as if every minute of my life has been scheduled to the T, and while that typically appeases my type A personality, I have to admit I’ve missed last minute adventures. It’s been far too long since I’ve been faced with a weekend with no plans in sight, and I’m so looking forward to the next few days off. Although there are definitely a few fun options on the horizon (including Crave TO, are any of you guys going?) I can’t wait to take it all in at a slow and leisurely pace. Tea will be sipped on in bed, brunch will more than likely occur, and I plan on being outside as much as physically possible. Enjoy! 

bar-raval{snacks with friends at Bar Raval}

baby-miniature-pony{a 1-week old miniature pony. aka heart explosion}

ice-cream{peanut butter chocolate & vanilla skor at Slickers}

styling{making things pretty at a client install}


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