Apr 7

Tour an Art-Filled New York Condo

Gallery wall
I’ve probably pinned that first image a hundred times over in my years on Pinterest, which is why I find it surprising that I have yet to see this gorgeous space in its entirety. It wasn’t until I finally decided to do some digging that I stumbled upon the rest. And to nobody’s surprise, it’s all equally beautiful. While the decor itself has an aura of understated elegance, it allows these homeowners to really showcase their fabulous collection of art. And with those sky-high ceilings, a built-in library and exposed wooden beams, would have you ever have guessed that this was a New York condo? With photos from Lonny, you’re going to want to see the rest (I’m certain!)

new york condo_2 new york condo_3 new york condo_4 new york condo_6 new york condo_5



Source: Lonny | Interior Design: Julia Leach

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