Jan 9

Fake Scenes from my Week(s)


You know, I had big plans to come back post-holidays with the most beautiful SFMW pictures, paired with a list of fabulous new brunch places to try and adventurous stories out the wazoo. But in truth, I was totally bedridden virtually the entire time. This flu/cold/plague that I seem to have caught (along with the rest of the world, I should add) is no joke! I barely looked at my phone, let alone unearthed my camera. So instead, I’ve gathered up images from around the web that represent what the last few weeks looked like around here. Only I wasn’t nearly as chic (we’re talking hole-y pyjamas because they’re the coziest, paired with Justin’s construction socks that basically go up to my thighs.) That, lots of movies, and a whole lot of tea. Plus a hacking cough here and there, for good measure! This week I’ve definitely turned a corner, but only long enough to answer my looming inbox. That said, I did get dressed the other day which was a feat in and of itself. Big things happening over here friends! #worstbloggerever #illmakeituptoyou #atleastthesepicturesarepretty

Cozy sweaters Bed Umbrella

Brass Teapot: Madewell | Stack of Sweaters: Stylio | Coffee in Bed: The Design Chaser | Umbrella: Maxfineli

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