Oct 3

Scenes from my Week

cute umbrellas = awesome baby shower decor {black and white umbrellas = adorable baby shower decor}

After four years of posting my SFMW‘s on Mondays, it feels so weird to be doing this on a Friday! But I think it’s kind of a great way to end the week. Plus! I’ll be able to warn you Torontonians what’s happening each weekend instead of letting you know what you missed out on ;) Win, win, win!

So this week was pretty major. Today marks my very last day as editor for SMP Living (tear), but it’s also the official kick-off to entrepreneurial-ship! I’ve been on a bit of a high all week long, celebrating with deep tissue massages (using up those benefits while they’re here!), take out pizza, dinners with friends. Oh, and macarons too! In addition, I attended a french inspired baby shower for my cousin on Sunday and it was, hands down, the sweetest event I’ve ever been to. The host, who had just given birth herself 10 days prior (!!), pulled out ALL the stops and I couldn’t resist snapping a few (okay a lot) of photos to capture it all. 

Happy weekend friends! xoxo

Baby shower decor: adorable onesies pinned to grossgain ribbon  {as do tiny parisian onesies}

macarons {macaron celebrations}

cat nap {cute and cozy cat naps}

guest book idea: a polaroid camera to capture each guest! {cute idea for your next event: a polaroid guest book}

PS: There’s still a few days left to enter the bedding giveaway if you haven’t yet!

All images original to Lark & Linen

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