Dec 5

scenes from my weekend.

{aka the place where hot chocolate lives}{a wee patch of snow that got me more excited than I care to admit}{cutting down our own tree}{christmas!}{lil sis & mugs of hot chocolate}

I’m lucky enough to be with a guy who’s as enthusiastic about Christmas as I am. His biggest worry is that it won’t stop raining and by the time it gets cold enough for snow, the clouds will be out of moisture. I agree with him wholeheartedly. This is a legitimate concern.

That said, we really went big this weekend. I’m talking Christmas everywhere. From the Distillery District Christmas market (where we purchased our very first ornament together. I know. Aww!) to cutting down our very own tree and hauling it home, and decorating not one but two of them, all while ingesting far too many cups of overly sweet hot chocolate; I’m convinced we could be the best Christmas elves in existence. We would easily give Buddy a run for his money – and I say that with confidence.

Our halls are decked. Our tree is lit. Our mugs are prepared. We are ready.

A forewarning: be prepared to get all sorts of festive up in here over the next few weeks. 

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