Nov 16

bits & pieces of Dainty & Floral

I’m constantly amazed at the things that Courtney blogs about. I’m convinced that she has some secret magical powers that enables her to find the most wonderful things that have never been seen or heard of before (if you blog, you’ll understand how difficult this task may be). From art to interior design to fashion she covers all the bases. And while chatting with her (maybe I like to think of her as my virtual bff) she exudes a warmth and spirit unparalleled by many. Definitely check out her blog dainty & floral as it’s one of my very favourites.

And here are some bits and pieces of  Courtney:
::A random fact::
 I am actually quite clutsy…If you hang out around me for awhile you’ll begin to see the odd encounters I continually have with stairs, corners, hot pans, etc…It’s something I’m working on ;)
::Your go-to recipe::
Well as much as I hate to admit it, I’m not too domestic in the kitchen (quite yet)…With that said one of my favorite go-to’s is a batch of fresh bruschetta. It’s simple, easy and perfect for wine nights in.
::You can’t live without::
Jewelry—I feel naked without some kind of big statement piece. I can’t get enough of large gemstone rings, vintage clip-on earrings and mens’ style watches right now. Oh and bread…but that’s another story (hence the bruschetta).
::Currently coveting::
This sleek designed watch & this adorable clutch, both could work seamlessly with any outfit—fancy or casual.
::Your daily reads::
Miss Moss is my absolute favorite blog right now. Her style is so on point and images are so nostalgic. Plus her monthly music mixes have me inspired all throughout the work-day. I love the Coveteur & Freunde Von Freunden as well—great concept of showcasing enviable homes & closets. My other go-to read is the Gentlewoman magazine. I picked up their very first issue when I was studying in London and instantly gravitated toward their strong graphic layout, down-to-earth interviews with successful woman all over the world and of course their gorgeous, minimalist style editorials.
::On your playlist::
I cannot get enough of Young and the Giant right now. My good friend introduced me to them and I have constantly been hitting the repeat button on their debut album. It just feels like the perfect fall soundtrack!
::Your favourite quote::
“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Since graduating from college last May, I feel like I am constantly day dreaming of where I’d like my life to take me—maybe moving overseas, maybe having my own studio, maybe going back to school for another design discipline. I am excited to see wherever it takes me!
::On your night stand::
A stack of books that I pretend to read but don’t really because I’m usually too tired at night, a small moleskin notebookan Archipelago candle & a $1 ceramic saucer I got in San Fran’s Chinatown to hold my everyday jewelry.
::Your favourite designer::

One of my top favorite interior designers is Rose Uniacke who I discovered in London. Her style is refined, glamorous and timeless. I love her consist color palette of black and white with warm wood tones. Uniacke has mastered the fine balance of old architectural surroundings with clean, contemporary interiors.
::In your wishing well::
Without a doubt I want to sometime in my life move back to London (even if it’s as short as 6 months), I am just not done yet with that glorious city! I constantly miss walking around being filled with inspiration and discovering new things—there is also new exhibits, shops & eateries to explore plus all the historic architecture is breathtaking. I love everything about that city and to design over there would be a dream.
::Your dream home::
This is a very good question and I wish I could tell you…I guess it depends on the region. If it was in Seattle I’d love an old bungalow with modern interiors, or in London a Mews home…or sometimes I even dream of living in an extremely modern home. I want to try it all. But nonetheless my style will always have some kind of balance of new & old elements—I am split down the middle of modern and vintage styles.
::Your happy place::
Hands down this coffee shop in my hometown of Edmonds, Washington (15 miles north of Seattle). I have spent hours there working on school projects, applying for jobs, blogging and catching up over coffee with my dearest friends and family. Plus their lattes are just as good as their interior!

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