Jun 17

tasty treats: chocolate chip skillet cookie.

I feel confident when I say that I grew up making chocolate chip cookies. One of my earliest memories is standing in my grandmas kitchen, licking the cookie batter off of the spatula, waiting for our treats to come out of the oven. She taught me how to bake at a very early age and it’s something that I’ve carried with me ever since.
Fast forward to moving into my first apartment. Luckily I moved in with a girl who was equally (if not more so) as passionate about cookies as I am. She was always down to throw them together at any given moment of the day (and if I’m being honest, that moment was usually at 10:00pm on a random Tuesday). And since we don’t live together anymore, I’m happy to say that I live with a boy who may not help me in my late-night cookie endeavors, but who is more than willing to help me devour the results.
When I first discovered this recipe for one big chocolate chip cookie baked in a cast iron skillet, I knew that I couldn’t pass it up. While it doesn’t hold the same memories of baking with my grandma, it was incredibly easy and the results were over-the-top. And since you mix everything in one pan, you’re left with virtually no dishes to clean up afterwards.

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