Jun 15

condo life: succulent love.

When I moved into my first apartment (almost 3 years ago), my good friend gifted me these amazing white ceramic planters. At the time she had filled them with bright pink gerber daisies and I was as happy as could be. Since the demise of said daisies, the incredible semi-circular pots have sat unused, empty, waiting for some love and affection. I’ve racked my brain over the last few years trying to think of something special I could do with them. Grass? So 2008. Lavender? It would surely perish at my touch. I should admit: I am no gardener. My last attempt at a herb garden failed miserably (I’m trying again with only two low maintenance herbs this time, I’ll keep you posted), and the last thing I want to do is spend my time, money and energy having to refill these bad boys over and over as I continue to kill every green thing that crosses my path. And then entered the succulent. Similar to a cactus, these babies require little maintenance (it’s okay if you forget to water them) and lots of sun (perfect for our southern facing condo). Knowing me, I’ll manage to do them in somehow (although the orchid my mom purchased for us two months ago is thriving, so maybe my curse is lifted?) But for the moment, I can’t help but gaze at them longingly as they don our previously naked windowsills.

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